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-Reflections Info here.

-Please Donate

VB Middle Parents While shopping for school supplies please consider picking up an extra item or two from the list below to donate. Supplies that are donated go to students at VB middle who qualify for assistance. These items are needed now and throughout the school year. Supplies needed: 2 or 3 inch binders Dividers Packs of paper Pencils. Thank you for your continued support!

-Our PTA message
Dear VBMS Families: If you have already joined our VBMS PTA, Thank you!!
If you haven't, please help our VBMS PTA get 100% membership and help your child's grade level be allowed to sit wherever they want at lunch for a day!
The VBMS PTA goal this year is 100% membership and we need your help. Membership is only $5 and you can sign up as many members as you'd like. Please go to, select the 'PTA' link from the left column then select the 'membership form' link. Print out the membership form, fill it out and send it to school with your child. No printer at home? Just put the requested information and payment in an envelope, put VBMS PTA on the outside of the envelope and send it to school with your child. The grade level that accumulates the most memberships for each of the next three months will be allowed to sit wherever they want at lunch for a day. Currently, the 6th graders are in the lead, followed by the 8th graders and then the 7th graders. Thank you for your help!!

-Fund Rasier
Come out and support Virginia Beach Middle School at Hilltop Skinny Dip – On Thurs Oct 9 from 4-8 PM , we will be sponsoring a cashola event. Just mention you are supporting VBMS when you complete your order. Twenty percent of supporter sales will come back to the school.

-Boxtops & Farm Fresh Receipts
Please help the PTA by participating in the BoxTops program at VBMS. It's free and it's easy!! The BoxTops program helps raise money for VBMS without asking parents to buy anything that they aren't already buying. All we ask that you do is check the products that you have already bought to see if they have a BoxTop on the package. Just clip it and send it in to the school with your student . VBMS receives 10 cents for each BoxTopthat we collect. This can add up to hundreds of dollars a year that can be used to improve our school. More BoxTops = more money raised = more things that the PTA can do for the students and teachers at VBMS.
We have an all new BoxTops contest at VBMS and every student has a chance to win! We will have a raffle for a $50 Coastal Edge gift card, and students will receive one raffle ticket for every 10 BoxTops that they bring in. We will still have a $50 surf shop gift card for the student that brings in the most BoxTops, but now every student has a chance to win by bringing in just 10 BoxTops! The more BoxTops a student brings in, the more raffle tickets they will receive – there is no limit! We'll also have a prize for the homeroom (and their teacher) that has the most students participate.
BoxTops aren't just on sugary cereals anymore. They are on many of the products that you probably already buy..things like Cheerios, Kleenex, Ziplock bags, Totino's Pizza, Hamburger Helper, Progresso soups, Green Giant lettuce and other fresh veggies, Green Giant frozen veggies, Motts apple juice, Land o' Lakes butter, Betty Crocker cake mixes and fruit snacks, Gogurt, Pillsbury rolls, Horizon milk and much more. For a complete list of BoxTops products, visit You will be surprised at how many products you already buy that have a BoxTop.
WOULD YOU THROW AWAY A DIME? Of course not, but that's what you do each time you throw away a package with an unclipped BoxTop. So please…check your packages for a BoxTop to clip before you throw anything away (or ask your kids to clip them). Keep an envelope on your counter and send it in with your student from time to time. We will also have a collection box on the front desk in the lobby if you want to drop them by yourself. Just be sure your student's name and homeroom is on the bag. Our first contest ends in a month, but you can start sending in BoxTops today! Thank you!

Farm Fresh Receipts and Campbell's Labels.
Another free and easy thing that you can do to help VBMS is to save Farm Fresh receipts (save the bottom portion that says "Your total for 123-4 is $___" (and please be careful not to cut off the expiration date). We will also be collecting UPC's from Campbell's soups and other Campbell's products (including Pepperidge Farm products). We will have a collection box on the desk in the front lobby for these as well, or you can put them in with your child's BoxTops and send them in to their homeroom. Thank you!

-PTA Board Members for 2014-2015
President – Stacey Hughey
Treasurer – Kim Crane
VP Membership – Lynette Reuss
VP Programs (concessions) – Jenny Johnson
VIE – Nicole Legum
Newsletter – Sharon Delaney
Hospitality – Kim Atkins
Recording Secretary – Amy Beach
Reflections – Debbie Marks
Box Tops – Shelia Horne

-Downloads & Links:
Membership form | Current Newsletter | Budget | 2014 Bylaws | VB Council of PTAs | VA PTA | National PTA

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